NZ Energy Fault Policy

Safety First

  • If there is any risk to people or property (fire, for example) call 111.
  • If you smell smoke or there’s a fire, turn off your mains.
  • Turn off sensitive electrical equipment (computers, cooking, heating)

What to do if your whole area loses power

  • The local lines company will be working on the problem as soon as it occurs. If you work in a remote or rural area, call your local faults number to log the fault.
  • Turn off appliances and electrical equipment – some can be a fire hazard and others might be damaged when the power comes back on.

What to do if your place is the only one without power

  • Check your fuse box to see if it's still working.
  • If your fuse box seems to be working, you may have a fault in the supply to your premises.

What to do in an electrical accident

  • Don't touch the injured person if they're still in contact with a live electrical source
  • Switch the source of electricity off, or if you can't, move the source away from you and the injured person using a non-conducting object like a wooden broom handle. Then dial 111 for an ambulance immediately.

Fault numbers to call (03) 750 0896