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supplying electricity and solar to homes in Nelson and Tasman regions
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NZ Energy - Powering Your Future

NZ Energy based in Motueka, is a locally owned energy company supplying electricity and solar to homes and businesses throughout the Nelson and Tasman Regions.

We generate and sell our renewable hydro and solar electricity within the Nelson and Tasman regions using Network Tasman & Nelson Electricity networks. Renewable energy, made locally and generated in the region

We pay our lines company, we pay our generators, we pay our meter providers (NTL), we pay staff and contractors. All local, so all the money stays within our region. Supporting our local businesses is paramount and keeping money within our region has significant benefits for everyone. Especially now in these tough times. NZ Energy is proud to be local - supporting locals! 

We offer our customers a low price up front, no hidden charges or penalties. No Obligation price comparison – Just need a copy of existing bill. And best of all, it is easy to switch – all we need is and Address (ICP #) and a Direct Debit form. All billing is done electronically so you will always have easy access to your accounts.


Get your power from local generation, supplied by locals and supporting locals, with better service and a better price – Make the switch today!